Sunday, April 13, 2014


The day before,
My mother rang me up
Singing Beethoven’s
Appassionata first movement
Like it was written for voice
Into the receiver
I moved the phone farther from my ear
Not comfortable having someone sing into my ear
Especially something written for piano
Plus she was dead two years.

I listened like a good son though
Like a musician, the violinist at heart
And felt the Beethoven waft across my body
Like warm rage.

What’s that sound my wife asked from the other room
It’s your mudder-in-law
Breaking wind – I mean bread
From beyond the fringe of life

She thought I was a wise guy
Didn’t retort but ignored me
And I hummed the passionata
With all my heart and soul
With every fiber of my guts
Like the day I was born till
The day I’ll die.

(c) Alan S. Kleiman 2014
 published: AfricanHadithi - April 2, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


1.  I don’t know you
2.  You don’t know me
3.  He don’t know him
4.  Joe or Jim

5.  I knew him once
6.  I knew his brother
7.  Her name was Sue
8.  How do you do

9.   Sam
10.  And Dave
11.  Robert Hall
12.  McGillicuddy Burns
13.  Bill Shakespeare

14.  Tom Mahoney
15.  Fulla Baloney
16.  Crepes Suzette
17.  All is clear

The day before yesterday
Sally said
List your friends
As if you knew them.

There.   Everyone I know
Plus Jane
Minus Lou
The rest is like a stew.